An RAF (Market Garden Veteran) Mr Walter Bentley has died in Salford



An RAF (Market Garden Veteran) Mr Walter Bentley has died in Salford, Manchester, with no surviving family and only a few known friends. An appeal has been made to see if more people could come forward to pay respects to the brave man, at his funeral on Monday the 10th of December. It will be held at 1pm Agecroft Cemetery, Langley Road,Pendlebury,Salford, M27 8SS.
In 1942 At The Age of 21 Walter joined the RAF. He was posted to 570 Squadron, stationed in Berkshire.
Walters first active flight was to Fly to Arnhem on the 23rd of September 1944. He was flying a short Sterling Bomber ferrying food and ammunition to the Airborne troops fighting at the Bridge. On the way to the DZ, Walters plane was shot down near Nijmegen. He managed to crash land the plane with the wing on fire, and all 6 crew walked away from the wreckage.
They made contact with an Army convoy and were back in England within a week. They then returned straight to active service for the remainder of the war.
I will attend on behalf of the Arnhem Boys to pay our respects to another hero.
Sir, Thank you for your service.
Rest in Peace.


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