My Poem for James xx James Munday by his dear Mother

My Poem for James xx James Munday
For James X
So now you're a Poppy
A picture in a frame
Do you know you made the papers with a number and your name?
They said you were the 121st to sacrifice his life
You'd never know fatherhood - You never had a wife
You'll never feel the warmth of my love again
Maybe only remember that blast and the fierce 'ending' pain
But my James you are more than that
More than a Poppy
More than a picture in a frame
More than the 121st and the tears from old newspapers dying fame
Yes you were a soldier so smart and so brave
But more than this my darling boy
So much more was the love and smiles you gave
You were everything to everyone
Friend, Cousin, Nephew, Grandchild, Brother MY Son (sun)
Don't go I said, so proud of you
You didn't need a uniform or a loaded gun
You're still my precious baby
My darling brown eyed boy
You're dinosaurs, Jim Carey, Knoxville, Snuggleberry
Laughing loud until we cried
Now it all seems like a bad dream
So true and yet surreal
The pain hurts oh so much - so more time with you I'd love to steal
They say I'm strong but losing you is just to BIG for me to feel
I'm safe inside my bubble yet still I cry for you
Outside I may look calm and smart
But this lie hides my broken heart
Oh my Son I cry for you and for the futility of war
I know the pain of the Mothers from all the wars before
Yes you may be that Poppy
You are the picture in a frame
I hope you're standing strong and tall in Heaven
With our family and brothers in arms again
For you are my precious Son James always safe within my heart
My Poppy. My Picture. My darling brown eyed boy
In time we'll meet again
NEVER to be apart xx

Caroline Munday ©
(Written 1st September 2017 thinking of James as always and Remembrance Day after seeing by accident soul destroying pictures of blown up wagons in Afghanistan (wagons = Jackals) which broke my heart into pieces again).

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