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A variant of TUM is the Weapons Mount Installation Kit (WMIK, pronounced ‘Wimik’) for use as reconnaissance and close fire support vehicles.

WMIKs are manufactured jointly by Land Rover and Ricardo Vehicle Engineering and feature a strengthened chassis and are stripped down, fitted with roll cages and weapon mounts.

Typically the vehicle will carry one 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun, 7.62 mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) or on occasion the MILAN ATGM, on the rear ring-mount, with an additional pintle-mounted GPMG on the front passenger side.

In late 2006, the MoD announced it was purchasing 40 new belt-fed Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launchers (ALGL) made by Heckler and Koch (HK GMG) that can fire up to 360 grenades per minute with an effective range of 1.5 km and a maximum range of up to 2.2 km; they are to be mounted on WMIKs in Afghanistan.

  • With Excellent detail in this WMIK Land Rover.
  • Made in the UK in Pewter.
  • Model Size Approx 140mm x 55mm x 75mm
  • Standard Flat Base Size Approx 200mm x 115mm x 19mm
  • You can also add an engraved plate along the front.
  • Also, add a cap badge of your choice. 

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