Direct To Garment Print (DTG)

DTG Print: Its now possible to print direct to garment (DTG).  What makes this process stand out is there is no set up fee or minimum quantity.

Direct To Garment Printing machines allow us to print directly to your garment: T-Shirt, Sweat Shirt, Hoodies, Jumpers, and so many other garments.

DTG Print Quality: DTG printers have a unique process that allow top quality print finish. DTG printing allows gradient with unlimited colours and fine detail.  Even if you have a photo, its ideal to be printed on a DTG Printer.

DTG Quantity: Customers often ask us what the minimum order is to print onto a garment.  There is no minimum. We can print one or thousands of garments.  If you require large quantities of printed garments, we would move to a screen print process.